Gummarus Kerk Wagenberg

 Parochie Wagenberg​​

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Verleden en restauratie

DIverse uit verleden en heden


Doelstelling stichting Behoud Gummaruskerk

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Stichting Behoud gummaruskerk



It was a time of wonderful times with God, an opportunity to meet new friends and spend time with the old. Glorify God together in singing and other inspirational times.



On the first day of spring, we had a wonderful time "Mother-daughter". Jean Jones has kindly provided her home for this program. It was a delicious meal, communion, quiz, crafts and amazing atmosphere special time.



At the end of February was a great time for fathers and sons, when they had a tour around the stadium "Sportèdž" quest in the Park and picnic. Famiies became closer to each other have remained happy.


Vrede & Harmonie


Today, when we are looking for an opportunity to influence the salvation of souls, the people around us, we want to remind you that beside us, on each of our service, often in our own family, are the ones who need our spiritual influence, our love, care and support. These are our children.

When you come up to the end of a captivating book, you are going through mixed feelings of sadness and joy. Joy, because you eventually learned how it ends! Sadness — because it came to an end. There are so many in our lives that we put that sooner or later comes to an end. Leave inevitably stops.